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  • Prodeus A, Sparkes A, Fischer N, Cydzik M, Huang E, Khatri I, Woo L, Chow CW, Gorczynski R, and Gariépy J (2018) A synthetic cross-species CD200R1 agonist suppresses inflammatory immune responses in vivo. Mol Ther Nucleic Acids. 12(350–358). Kerber2015 
  • Fischer NW, Prodeus A, and Gariépy J (2018) Survival in males with glioma and gastric adenocarcinoma correlates with mutant p53 residual transcriptional activity. JCI Insight. 3(15)Kerber2015 
  • Fischer NW, Prodeus A, Tran J, Malkin D, Gariépy J.(2018) Association Between the Oligomeric Status of p53 and Clinical Outcomes in Li-Fraumeni Syndrome. J Natl Cancer Inst. Jun 27. doi: 10.1093/jnci/djy114. [Epub ahead of print]. Kerber2015 
  • Abdul-Wahid A, Sparkes A, Fischer NW, Abdul-Wahid A, Cydzik M, Prodeus A, Shively J, Martel A, Alminawi S, Ghorab Z, Berinstein NL and Gariépy J (2018) Serum-derived carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) activates fibroblasts to induce a local re-modeling of the extracellular matrix that favors the engraftment of CEA-expressing tumor cells. Int J Cancer. 143(1963-1977). Kerber2015 
  • Prodeus A, Abdul-Wahid A, Sparkes A, Fischer NW, Cydzik M, Chiang N, Alwash M, Ferzoco A, Vacaresse N, Julius M, Gorczysnki RM, Gariépy J. (2017) VISTA.COMP - an engineered checkpoint receptor agonist that potently suppresses T cell-mediated immune responses. JCI Insight, 2(18). Kerber2015 
  • Fischer NW, Prodeus A, Malkin D, Gariépy J. (2016) p53 oligomerization status modulates cell fate decisions between growth, arrest and apoptosis. Cell Cycle, 15(23):3210-3219. Kerber2015
  • Samuel N, Wilson G, Id Said B, Pan A, Deblois G, Fischer NW, Alexandrova R, Casallo G, Paton T, Lupien M, Gariepy J, Merico D, Hudson TJ, Malkin D. (2016) Transcriptome-wide characterization of the endogenous miR-34A-p53 tumor suppressor network. Oncotarget, 7(31):49611-49622. Kerber2015
  • Scheid E, Major P, Bergeron A, Finn OJ, Salter RD, Eady R, Yassine-Diab B, Favre D, Peretz Y, Landry C, Hotte S, Mukherjee SD, Dekaban GA, Fink C, Foster

            PJ, Gaudet J, Gariepy J, Sekaly RP, Lacombe L, Fradet Y, Foley R. (2016) Tn-MUC1 DC Vaccination of Rhesus Macaques and a Phase I/II Trial in Patients with                 Nonmetastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer. Cancer Immunol Res, 4(10):881-892.  Kerber2015

  • Abdul-Wahid A, Cydzik M, Prodeus A, Alwash M, Stanojcic M, Thompson M, Huang EH, Shively JE, Gray-Owen SD, Gariépy J. (2016) Induction of antigen-specific TH 9 immunity accompanied by mast cell activation blocks tumor cell engraftment. Int J Cancer, 139(4):841-53.  Kerber2015
  • Wu FT, Lee CR, Bogdanovic E, Prodeus A, Gariépy J, Kerbel RS. (2015) Vasculotide reduces endothelial permeability and tumor cell extravasation in the absence of binding to or agonistic activation of Tie2. EMBO Mol Med. 7(6):770-87. Kerber2015
  • Cydzik M, Abdul-Wahid A, Park S, Bourdeau A, Bowden K, Prodeus A, Kollara A, Brown TJ, Ringuette MJ, Gariépy J. (2015) Slow binding kinetics of SPARC-VEGF interaction limit VEGF activation of VEGF-R2 and attenuates angiogenesis. FASEB J, 29(8):3493-505.  Kerber2015
  • Prodeus A, Abdul-Wahid A, Fischer NW, Huang EH, Cydzik M, Gariépy J. (2015) Targeting the PD-1/PD-L1 immune evasion axis with DNA aptamers as a novel therapeutic strategy for the treatment of disseminated cancers. Mol Ther Nucleic Acids. 4:e237 Aaron-2
  • Prodeus A, Cydzik M, Abdul-Wahid A, Huang EH, Khatri I, Gorczynski R, Gariépy J. (2014) Agonistic CD200R1 DNA aptamers are potent immunosuppressants that prolong allogeneic skin graft survival. Mol Ther Nucleic Acids. 3:e190 Aaron1
  • Abdul-Wahid A, Huang EH, Cydzik M, Bolewska-Pedyczak E, Gariépy J. (2014) The carcinoembryonic antigen IgV-like N domain plays a critical role in the implantation of metastatic tumor cells. Mol Oncol. 8(2):337-350 AWS2
  • Orava EW, Abdul-Wahid A, Huang EH, Mallick AI, Gariépy J. (2013) Blocking the attachment of cancer cells in vivo with DNA aptamers displaying anti-adhesive properties against the carcinoembryonic antigen. Mol Oncol. 7(4):799-811. ORAVA3
  • Orava EW, Jarvik N,Shek J, Sidhu SS, Garipéy J. (2013) A short dna aptamer that recognizes TFN-α and blocks its activity in vitro. ACS Chem Biol. 8(1):170-178. ORAVA2
  • Shi PL, Binnington B, Sakac D, Katsman Y, Ramkumar S, Gariépy J, Kim M, Branch DR, Lingwood C. (2012)  Verotoxin A subunit protects lymphocytes and T cell lines against X4 HIV infection in vitro. Toxins (Basel). 4(12):1517-1534. SHI-1
  • Abdul-Wahid A, Huang EH, Lu H, Flanagan J, Mallick AI, Gariépy J.(2012) A focused immune response targeting the homotypic binding domain of the carcinoembryonic antigen blocks the establishment of tumor foci in vivo. Int J Cancer. 131(12):2839-2851. AWS1
  • McCluskey AJ, Bolewska-Pedyczak E, Jarvik N, Chen G, Sidhu SS, Gariépy J. (2012) Charged and hydrophobic surfaces on the a chain of shiga-like toxin 1 recognize the C-terminal domain of ribosomal stalk proteins. PLoS One. 7(2):e31191.McCluskey1
  • Mohammed AF, Abdul-Wahid A, Huang EH, Bolweska-Pedyczak E, Cydzik M, Broad AE, Gariépy J. (2012) The Pseudomonas aeruginosa exotoxin A translocation domain facilitates the routing of CPP-protein cargos to the cytosol of eukaryotic cells. J Control Release 164(1):58-64. MOHAMMED1
  • Beatty PL, Narayanan S, Gariépy J, Ranganathan S, Finn OJ. (2010) Vaccine against MUC1 antigen expressed in inflammatory bowel disease and cancer lessens colonic inflammation and prevents progression to colitis-associated colon cancer. Cancer Prev Res (Phila Pa). 3(4):438-446. BEATTY1
  • Ryan SO, Turner MS, Gariépy J, Finn OJ. (2010) Tumor antigen epitopes interpreted by the immune system as self or abnormal-self differentially affect cancer vaccine responses. Cancer Res. 70(14):5788-5796.RYAN2
  • Orava EW, Cicmil N, Gariépy J. (2010) Delivering cargoes into cancer cells using DNA aptamers targeting internalized surface portals. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1798(12):2190-2200. ORAVA1
  • Cheung MC, Revers L, Perampalam S, Wei X, Kiarash R, Green DE, Abdul-Wahid A, Gariépy J. (2010) An evolved ribosome-inactivating protein targets and kills human melanoma cells in vitro and in vivo. Mol Cancer. 9(1):28 CHEUNG1
  • Hassane FS, Ivanova GD, Bolewska-Pedyczak E, Abes R, Arzumanov AA, Gait MJ, Lebleu B, Gariépy J.(2009) A peptide-based dendrimer that enhances the splice-redirecting activity of PNA conjugates in cells. Bioconjug Chem. 20(8):1523-1530. Hassane1
  • Ryan SO, Vlad AM, Islam K, Gariépy J, Finn OJ. (2009) Tumor-associated MUC1 glycopeptide epitopes are not subject to self-tolerance and improve responses to MUC1 peptide epitopes in MUC1 transgenic mice. Biol Chem. 390(7):611-618.Ryan1
  • Ferreira CS, Cheung MC, Bisland S, Missailidis S, Gariépy J. (2009). Phototoxic aptamers selectively enter and kill epithelial cancer cells. Nucleic Acids Res. 37(3):866-876. FERREIRA1 



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