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GE Healthcare MicroCal iTC200 System (Isothermal Titration Calorimetry)

Direct and label-free measurement of binding affinity, stoichiometry, enthalpy, and entropy in one experiment.




Lab applications: study of proteins, antibodies, peptides and aptamers interactions



Biacore T200 - Surface Plasmon Resonance

Real time and label free measurement of biomolecular interactions providing high quality kinetic, affinity, concentration, specificity, selectivity, and thermodynamic interaction data.




Lab applications: study of proteins, antibodies, peptides and aptamers interactions



Waters HPLC System - High Performance Liquid Chromatography

System equipped with binary pumps, photodiode array detector, refractive index detector and column heater.




Lab applications: peptides, proteins, aptamers and bioconjugates purification.



GE Healthcare ÄKTA Purifier

Liquid chromatography system for fast separation of proteins (FPLC) equipped with sample collector.




Lab applications:  proteins, antibodies and aptamers purification using size exclusion, ion exchange and affinity chromatography.



CEM Liberty Blue – Peptide Synthesizer.

Fast and fully automated solid phase peptide synthesis using microwave energy.  Application of microwave technology guaranties high yield and purity of synthesized peptides. Equipped with discovery unit for organic synthesis.




Lab applications: synthesis of peptides, peptidomimetics and bioconjugates.



Jasco J-1100 CD Spectrometer

Equipped with holders for general CD/LD/Abs and temperature control measurements; wavelength range: 163-900 nm.




Lab applications: characterizing secondary structure of peptides, proteins and aptamers.



AZCO BioTech Inc. Oligo 800 - Oligo Synthesizer

Fully automated bench-top solid phase DNA and RNA synthesizer.




Lab applications: synthesis of primers, functional and modified aptamers.



ACEA xCELLigence  RTCA DP Analyzer

The xCelligence system is used to measure cellular kinetics in real time, in a label-free manner.




Lab applications: used for studies in cancer biology, cancer vaccine research, and angiogenesis. This instrument monitors cellular adhesion, migration, invasion events, as well as measuring cell death, such as in CDC and ADCC assays.




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